Child Poverty Awareness Quiz and Video

If you scored 50% or under on this quiz you may feel like as though you would like to learn more about the growing issue of Child Poverty in the UK. If so, go online and type child poverty in the UK into a search engine and you’ll find some interesting, informative and emotional stuff, or visit these websites directly;

If you scored above 50% on this quiz, great! It’s fantastic that you are informed about the problem of child poverty in the UK, but if you would still like to learn more or are just curious, give these news articles a look;

Child Poverty Awareness interviewed some local Swansea residents to find out how much they know about Child Poverty in the UK, have a look and see how they did!

This video is aiming to show the unawareness at Swansea University about the issue of Child Poverty in the UK, please give it a watch and share, do the quiz, see how you do and find out if you need to learn more!


One thought on “Child Poverty Awareness Quiz and Video

  1. Coming from a council estate in manchester, I know all too well about what child poverty is. But when it’s quantified, into numbers, it just really hits home. I scored 75% on this quiz but I think there needs to be more education on the subject. Not just on the news, but starting in schools and college.


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