Natasha’s Story: The sole provider for her family at age 15

Natasha in 2015 Photo Credit: Natasha

‘I couldn’t save any money because I had to pay for bills, rent and Christmas presents for my family’

‘I remember bringing home my wages for the first time in brand new white envelope and I was so excited, but my mum told me she needed my help, and all my money went on electricity for the week; I knew from then I was going to be the one who earned for my family’, Natasha tells Child Poverty Awareness.

After just one week of part-time work at 15, she knew she was never going to be able to save her hard-earned money.

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‘119 children in Swansea need emergency food in February alone’ says The Food Bank

‘The biggest reason for Food Bank visits is problems with benefits’

‘In February 2017 over 420 people needed emergency food in Swansea; 119 of these were children which equals almost a third of all who visited.’ says Kristina Williams, manager of the Swansea Food Bank services. This is the total number of children across all five operational Food Banks in Swansea who have required emergency food to help them and their parents get by.

A signpost outside the local Mumbles Food Bank Photo Credit: Rachel Myles

Kristina goes on to say that ‘the main reason for people needing food bank vouchers is issues with the benefit system’, and adds the problem is ‘often delays in people receiving benefits, or there’s an over-payment and the person or family has to pay it back – leaving them in a financial crises.’ Complications with the current UK welfare system are leaving the families and individuals of Swansea without food and panicking about how to live day to day. Continue reading “‘119 children in Swansea need emergency food in February alone’ says The Food Bank”